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27th January 2023

The Issues With Poor Quality Punching Machinery

Cheaper punching machines typically are of poor quality and whilst they will get the job done, is it of the best quality? Cutting costs at the start might seem like the best option but in the long run, it won’t be the best solution for your flexible packaging items. This blog will explain to you how a low-quality punching machine could impact your applications.

Common Issues

  • Application problems

Have you ever bought the wrong piece of equipment for your application? This could be the case if you’ve not properly researched the punching equipment for your needs. It’s key to work with a reputable company and supplier so you know you’ve got the right puncher for your needs.

  • Wrong tool design

It’s key that your punch has the right punch, whether that’s die-cut or toothed, if not you aren’t going to get the results you need. In fact, Pearl Technologies offers customised punches so they’re right for your application.

  • Bad alignment

A key to great punching on flexible packaging is having accurate and aligned holes. You don’t want to waste money on machinery that puts holes in the wrong place. Choose machines that have a high tolerance and accurate alignment for maximum consistency.

  • Slow slug removal

Slugs that haven’t been completely removed aren’t only annoying they can be dangerous in certain situations too, for example in food packaging. Finding a punch that has vacuum slug removal tools will help you to avoid this problem.

  • Parts are hard to find

If you choose a lower-cost machine, its suppliers might be unable to provide spare parts should any issues occur. By choosing a high-quality reputable manufacturer you have peace of mind that spare parts can be easily found.


  • Low-quality holes

Although it might not seem like a big deal, holes that are ragged lower the quality of your entire product. You should get a machine that gives you high-quality holes to avoid this.

  • Maintenance

Typically with lower-quality equipment, there will be more maintenance needed. So, more checks, updates, and services. Is this a cost you’ve factored into the punching machine you want to buy?

  • Downtime

Have you considered how downtime could affect your operation? One troublesome punch can cause your whole line to shut down. Aim to choose a punch that has a fast turnover to minimise downtime and your losses.

  • Punch changes

A lower-quality machine will need its punches changed more often, think about this when choosing the punch’s materials, stainless steel and titanium are both good options.

  • Slow production

The lower quality your machine is, the slower its production is going to be. Therefore it’s best to go for a high-quality option that can meet the demands of your operations.


Here at Swallow, we’re a proud supplier of Pearl Technologies in the UK. We can help you find the right high-quality punching machine for your needs, one that will boost your operations and production. To take a look at the punches we have to offer, click here. We also pride ourselves on creating strong relationships with our customers and want to use our knowledge and experience to help you find your tailored solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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