19th January 2023

The Best Safety Features For Punching Machines

No matter your punching machine, safety should always be a priority, especially when punching flexible packaging. A great punch has features that make the punch easy but more importantly safe to use, this can range from anything like storage solutions that can help avoid accidents, to excellent warning labels along with built-in safety systems that keep you safe. This blog will explain to you the best safety features for these machines so you can choose a machine that is as safe as it can be.

Cut prevention

Cuts are probably the most common hazard for those who use punching machines, this is due to the sharp equipment that is needed to produce an accurate, high-quality punch. Choosing a machine that has well-designed equipment means that you can use this sharp equipment with less risk.

Storing it safely

A simple and effective way to improve safety is to ensure your punches are stored safely and correctly when you aren’t using them. There is a wide range of punch storage that you can store punches in that will stop the blades from bending or becoming blunt.

Tight clearances

The tighter the clearance and tolerances are the safer it’ll be. This typically comes with well-designed equipment and Pearl Technologies’ die-cut punches and clamps do this by ensuring the sharp edges are away from fingers.

Toolless changes

Being able to change your punch without tools not only improves safety but also means the machine is less likely to become damaged and cause accidents because of the damage.

Easy entry

Being able to easily access parts that need changing can also help to stop accidents, in particular for large equipment. In fact, Pearl Technologies offer a clamshell design on some of their equipment for this exact reason, allowing the punch to be accessed from over the machine rather than under.

Noise muffling

Many punches are known for being noisy, did you know that high-quality equipment can come with a noise reduction feature, allowing you to concentrate more on the task and be safer? Pearl also offers soundproof boxes for units that feel that noise is a problem.

Heat defenders

Punches can become hot, especially when being used for a long period of time. Pearl’s punching machinery adds heat guards to its air cylinders that can become hot whilst also clearly labelling these areas too. Clear markings and warnings that are standardized will allow your team to be fully aware of the hazards each time they operate the punch.

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