Blown Film

Blown film is an extrusion process used to fabricate film products. In this case the extrusion die is shaped as a circle and air pressure is used to further expand the film. At this point in the process its all about it’s all about manipulating the bubble with least possible friction while maintaining proper material temperature. After it is expanded to the desired dimensions it is cooled to solidify the polymer. Its at this point that the handling of the new formed web becomes critical; this is where Pearl Technologies come in. 

Through our relationship with Pearl we are able to offer a range of extrusion solutions including Guiding, Collapsing and Handling

Benefits of working with Swallow Machinery

Through our advanced applications engineering knowledge and close partnership with Pearl Technologies we are able to provide innovative blown film process enhancements that deliver immediate benefits that help produce better quality film at higher rates of production:

  • Reduced drag and friction 
  • No sticky residue 
  • Increased stability 
  • Induced cooling 
  • Removal of wrinkles 
  • Consistent results for the long-term