3rd February 2023

Punch And Die Clearance Calculation

Are you looking for a quick and accurate way to cut plastic film? It’s essential to have the correct punch and die clearance for your operation. Whilst a cheaper machine might save you money, you need to use a high-quality machine to get the best results. This blog will explain to you the importance of this and the reasons why, along with our top punch and die clearance suggestions.

Consistency and speed are key, and this will only happen if the punch and die clearance are outstanding. You need a unit that performs well, and one of our suppliers Pearl Technologies has its own in-house Application Lab to develop a great solution.

The Application Lab provides 3 important variables to the process. This allows you to have the best equipment and the highest quality hole cutting for your operation.

  • Line motion

The lab can simulate line speed, both intermittent and continuous speeds, to match your needs.

  • Punch attachment design

Your chosen punch attachment will affect your punch and die clearance choices. You need a design that’ll suit your needs, Pearl has a range of punches that will suit its application lab.

  • Punch and die clearance

This variable is the key to getting accurate and clean cuts. You need a tolerance that is tight and supportive so you can have clearer holes, the Application Lab support this.

Outstanding Performance

Pearl’s Application Lab has exceptional knowledge and expertise so you can have the best results in your operation. Its technical skills will allow you to have clear holes, in a range of flexible materials, and this can be done at a large volume if needed. This outstanding performance can also be supported by lower-cost punch adapters if needed too.

The 4-Step Process

When you get in contact with Pearl, there will be some questions so they can find the best solution for your needs.

  • Preliminary questionnaire

These questions will involve asking about the products you’re making, what materials you’re using and other key information like line speeds and production challenges.

  • Follow up questionnaire

After your preliminary questionnaire, the follow-up with include more detailed questions about your needs, so Pearl can get the specifics right.

  • Test and analyse

The next step is for your materials to be tested, using samples that you’ve given so Pearl can make the most accurate recommendations.

  • Solution recommendations

Pearl will then make recommendations that are specific to your operation. They’ll help you post-installation too.

Here at Swallow, we’re proud to be a supplier of Pearl Technologies in the UK. We supply their products and our team of experts can work with you to find the right solution for your needs. To learn more about the punches we offer click here, and to speak to our team click here.

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