27th September 2022

Flexible Packaging Punches, Which One Is Best?

Flexible Packaging Punches, Which One Is Best?

Flexible package punches widely differ from brand to brand and they aren’t all created the same. In fact, Pearl Technology’s performance packaging punches are seen to be the best, this is because they can be customised, are durable, and offer outstanding quality and performance compared to the already best products in the market. This blog will explore how Pearl Technology’s performance packaging punches are the best, across multiple functions and operations depending on your needs.

Their Performance Is Guaranteed

Did you know that Pearl is the only dedicated flexible packaging punches maker in the world? Their focus and attention to detail are second to none during their manufacturing, which includes multiple steps and stages. This is why Pearl’s punches are the best:

  • Exceptional materials

All of Pearl’s punches consist of the best quality stainless steel, this allows the punches to be extremely durable and polished in their function. If you need to increase the durability of your punch, even more, Pearl offers a range of specialist coatings, that can be tailored for your specific needs.

  • The Best Expertise

Pearl’s performance punches are all made from hand, by the best engineers in the business. In fact, these engineers add the sharpest ground edge that performs better than machine competitors, the more traditional approach, and they can last for four times longer too, how impressive!

  • Their Flexibility

Whether you need a light Piranha punch or a wider Barracuda, Pearl offers a range of widths to ensure their tooth pitches can meet your needs. Pearl’s punches can also be completely customised if needed, no matter the size of your operation.

The Right One For Your Needs

No matter your application, Pearl has the right punch for your operation, our top punches include:

  • Performance Round Punches
  • Performance Hanger Hole Punches
  • Performance Tear Notch Punches
  • Performance Vent Punches
  • Performance Lightning Punches

Pearl Will Improve Your Punches

Pearl Technologies is your best partner for flexible punches, no matter your needs. They offer the highest quality punches that are reliable and strong, lasting you for years to come, not just the next 6 months. 

They are proud of this, the materials they use, and their craftsmanship. Every punch is made in the US and they offer fast turnaround times and quick shipping, even on custom punches.

Here at Swallow Machinery, we are a proud distributor of Pearl Technology and we stock a range of their punches. Click here to view all of Pearl’s products.