27th September 2022

Pouches, Their Future In The Packaging Solutions Industry.

Pouches, Their Future In The Packaging Solutions Industry

In today’s world, there have been many changes in attitude in consumers’ use of pouches and packages. Manufacturers today are starting to improve their processes and practices to react to this change in attitude and in fact, many want to educate whilst doing this in their industries. 

Throughout history, manufacturing has transformed how products are approached and made, and this blog will discuss this change in packaging and what it means. Firstly, the biggest change is that manufacturers now use quicker transport to move their stock, a more efficient way for their products to take up less space. Not only is this better for the environment, but it saves money too. In simple terms, flexible packaging is a new way forward, replacing rigid, with pouches being the most popular product for this.

Pouches Are Now The New Standard

As the world is becoming more sustainable and more planet conscious, zipper pouches are both a consumer and manufacturer favourite in the food industry. From a consumer’s point of view, it keeps their food as fresh as possible and allows them to recycle it too. These pouches can be used for much more than food too, they are commonly used for medicine and cosmetics, this increase in use is expected to last for at least the next ten years. This flexible packaging is simple and convenient, it can be opened and resealed as often as needed. In terms of companies, they can use materials that have been recycled for these pouches and they can easily be marketed to the public due to the ease of their function.

Examples Of Their Use

These flexible pouches are normally used for frozen foods across the market. For example, baby food is now typically available in these types of packaging. Manufacturers can initially be weary to make this modern and sustainable packaging due to the original image of what they believe their high-quality product should look like, but this is beginning to change across all sectors.

An example of this change is Darley’s Gin, an alcohol brand that is based on sustainability, healthy eating, and traditions. They have a drink that is packaged in a pouch, to encourage their customers to reuse their original glass bottle. 

Are You Looking For Pouches Like This?

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