11th July 2022

Die Cut Or Toothed Punches?

Die Cut Or Toothed Punches?

When cutting plastic packaging, die-cut and toothed punches provide the best solution for cutting these materials. However, which one is best for you and your needs? The die cut is more of an investment, but it is extremely accurate, and the toothed punch is much more flexible and cheaper. This blog will explore the die-cut and toothed punch, helping you choose which one is best for your plastic needs. We know that cutting plastic can be tricky and having the best punch is essential to making it easy, and these two types of punches have vastly different technologies.

Die Cut

Die-cut punches are known for their accuracy and attention to detail, they can cleanly cut through thick plastics, which is common in more modern plastics. In fact, the die cut is so precise its cutting standards are on par with laser cutting. Pearl’s die-cut punches are made from exceptional materials and can be resharpened when necessary. They are available in a standard range of sizes and they can also be made in custom sizes and shapes to meet your application’s requirements. 


In simple terms, toothed punches work by tearing the plastic, meaning it does not have the highest tolerance and works better for thinner plastic, for example, plastics used in bag making. However, toothed punches are much cheaper and are more flexible; they are still a popular punch choice. Again, the toothed punch is made from stainless steel with its edges having a bevel. It has specialist coatings available if needed to improve its lifespan and toothed punches can be made fully customisable. Furthermore, many of Pearl’s machines are made to be used with their toothed punches, they are also made in two parts, and they can easily be replaced separately, saving you money in the long run. 

The Benefits

Pearl Technology’s punch applications are an investment, they are powerful and will last for many years no matter your needs. Pearl’s solutions are detailed, customisable, and strong. In terms of durability, their die-cut punch can cut up to half a million units of single-layer plastic, without the need to resharpen its blades, impressed?

Saving Money With Tooth Punched

When you’re cutting large amounts of single-thickness plastic, toothed punches is the one to choose. Toothed punches improve the simplicity of the task, the actual punch replacement is much cheaper and again there is a choice of special coatings such as titanium nitride and black pearl to improve its use depending on your specific tasks. More specifically, these stainless steel products can last up to three times longer than the competitor products on the market. Toothed punches are also a lot safer and the punch can be replaced easily with the adapter being able to stay in place.

Pearl Will Improve Your Punches

Pearl Technologies is an industry leader in these punches, no matter the application. At Pearl, their key values are high quality, amazing customer service, and great innovation.

That’s why at Swallow Machinery, we are a proud distributor of Pearl Technology and we stock a range of their punches.