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Punches & Adapters

Performance Punches

  • One-piece punch-and-adapter combo
  • Available in whatever shape or size you require
  • Double-bevel ground stainless steel last 4 times longer than standard punches
  • Two different tooth pitches to handle any film thickness (Piranha with 16 teeth per inch & Barracuda with 5.3 teeth per inch)
  • Ask about the coatings we offer, to enhance punch life
  • Pearl's Performance Punches offer the optimum combination of hole cut quality and punch durability. On average Performance Punches last 4 times longer than standard punches, depending on the web/ material. Swallow Machinery Ltd stock a variety of common shapes, available on quick delivery. The main features can be summarised as follows:

    • Premium stainless steel with double bevel ground punch
    • Optional coating are available to extend punch lift (Titanium Nitride, Black Pearl, etc)
    • Custom shapes, sizes and mounting are available

    The Pearl Performance Punch family consists of:

    1. Round Punches
    2. Hanger Hole Punches
    3. Handle Hole Punches
    4. Tear Notch Punches
    5. Vent Punches