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Positive Displacement Guides

FS Series - Wide Web Applications

The AccuGuide PDG-FS Series of Positive Displacement Guides are constructed of welded structural steel tube to provide the exceptional strength and reliability needed for wider webs and higher tension applications. Like all AccuWeb web guides, the PDG-FS Series incorporates proprietary linear bearings and a carriage design that allows optimum web guide performance whether installed in a vertical, horizontal or inverted position.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction — Structural steel tube design engineered to provide the optimum strength-to-weight ratio for high tension load applications.

    Proprietary Linear Bearing System — The PDG-FS Series incorporate proprietary linear bearings that support and secure the moving frame and idler roller assembly to the guide’s stationary base. Its unique cam-following bearing design minimizes friction and wear while allowing fast response to the guide actuator.

    Custom Assemblies — When a challenging application can’t be solved with a standard product, a custom designed AccuGuide PDG-FS provides a huge range of frame, roller, and finish options.

    Free-turning Idler Rollers — Free-running bearings minimize rotational torques – ideal for running light webs. Dynamically balanced rolls ensure vibration-free performance. Choose from live shaft or dead shaft options.

    An AccuWeb® System is a Sound Investment

    • Tangible Benefits — While web guides represent a nominal expense within an entire converting line, they can have considerable impact on product quality, process waste, operating speeds, efficiency and maintenance costs. Choosing a web guide system that delivers optimum trouble-free performance is a wise investment. 
    • The Support of Web Guide Experts — The AccuWeb application engineering team helps you determine the best guide design and location to fit your specific converting operation. By evaluating your web widths, materials and change-over frequencies, as well as operating environment, AccuWeb helps ensure greater harmony between our innovative guide components and your web converting process for an optimum return on your investment