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Positive Displacement Guides

AP Series - Mid to Narrow Web Applications

The AccuGuide PDG-AP Series, part of AccuWeb’s complete line of Positive Displacement Guide systems, are engineered for precision and dependability. Manufactured with rugged anodized aluminum plate, the AP Series are cost-effective systems that deliver premium performance in even the most demanding operations. 

One or more pairs of proprietary linear bearings support the moving frame and idler roller assembly, securely linking it to its stationary base. This unique linear bearing system allows the guide assembly to be installed in vertical, horizontal or inverted positions for optimum application flexibility.
  • Low-Inertia Aluminum Plate Design — High strength-to-weight ratio allows fast frequency response in mid to narrow web configurations.

    Proprietary Linear Bearing System — Cam follower bearings run in a hardened track, providing line contact for reduced friction and wear, resulting in a faster response.

    Standard Sizes and Custom Assemblies — If a stock drop-in unit doesn’t match your needs, a custom AccuGuide PDG-AP can be designed for your specific applications.

    Easy Wipe Down — Smooth, anodized flat surfaces are simple to maintain in clean room environments.
    Free-turning Idler Rollers — Free-running bearings minimize rotational torques – ideal for running light webs. Dynamically balanced rolls ensure vibration-free performance. Choose from live shaft or dead shaft options.