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Tension Tranducers

As a leader in the industry, we understand the critical role that tension control plays in various manufacturing processes. Our tension transducers are designed to accurately measure and monitor tension levels in real time, ensuring precise control and optimal performance. Whether you're in the printing, packaging, or textile industry, our tension transducers offer reliable and consistent results. With our commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, you can trust Swallow Machinery to provide you with top-notch tension transducers that meet your specific application needs.

The Benefits

Discover the numerous benefits of our high-performance tension transducers at Swallow Machinery. Designed to deliver precise tension control, our tension transducers offer a range of advantages for various industries. By accurately measuring tension levels in real-time, our transducers enable you to achieve optimal performance, minimise material waste, and enhance product quality. With their reliable and consistent performance, our tension transducers contribute to improved production efficiency and reduced downtime. 


Whether you're in the printing, packaging, or textile industry, our tension transducers provide the reliability and accuracy you need to streamline your operations.

Why work with us and Pearl?

When it comes to tension transducers, partnering with Swallow Machinery and Pearl Technology provides customers and clients with a winning combination of expertise and innovation. Swallow Machinery brings their extensive knowledge and industry-leading solutions in tension control, while Pearl Technology is renowned for their precision tension control devices. By working with Swallow Machinery and Pearl Technology, customers can expect top-quality tension transducers that offer accurate and reliable performance. 

These products are designed to enhance productivity, reduce material waste, and ensure optimal tension control in various industrial applications. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, engineering support, and comprehensive aftermarket services, Swallow Machinery and Pearl Tech deliver a seamless experience, allowing customers to achieve operational excellence.