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26th January 2024

Seamless Solutions: Reducing Scrap in Floor Manufacturing Through Advanced Process Improvement Strategies

In the world of flooring manufacturing, innovation and efficiency are paramount. At Swallow Machinery, we take pride in our engineering solutions tailored to enhance the processes of our valued partners in the flooring industry. This blog post delves into our collaborative efforts with flooring manufacturers and the advanced process improvement strategies we've implemented to significantly reduce scrap and elevate the overall quality of the end product.

Our Core Competencies

At Swallow Machinery, we view ourselves as a key partner for flooring manufacturers. Our specialised solutions, fortified by advanced technologies, empower manufacturers to navigate the challenges of the industry with confidence. We believe in setting new benchmarks for operational excellence, and our commitment to providing seamless solutions reflects our dedication to elevating the standards of flooring manufacturing. With a keen focus on optimising unwinding, rewinding, and mid-process control of continuous webs, we recognise the critical role these aspects play in determining the overall efficiency and quality of the final product.

Partnership and Identifying Opportunities

In fostering strong partnerships with flooring manufacturers, we have cultivated an environment of close collaboration and open communication. Our engagement with manufacturers goes beyond the transactional, as we view ourselves as strategic allies invested in the mutual success of our clients. Through this collaborative approach, we have not only fine-tuned our core competencies but have also actively sought out and identified additional opportunities for improvement.

This collaborative spirit is at the heart of our success in the industry. By actively listening to the challenges faced by flooring manufacturers, we have gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of their operations. These insights, coupled with our technical expertise, have allowed us to identify and address specific pain points in the manufacturing process that extend beyond our initial scope.

Key Improvements and Solutions

Closed-Loop Pre-Heating System

We introduced a cutting-edge pre-heating system with digital pyrometer measurement, eliminating variable bonding issues commonly associated with laminate flooring. This precision ensures a consistent and high-quality bonding process, reducing the likelihood of defects and, consequently, minimising scrap.

Ultra-High-Speed Brake Motors

By integrating ultra-high-speed brake motors into tile-cutting guillotines, we've significantly enhanced performance. This improvement not only increases the efficiency of tile cutting but also contributes to a reduction in waste and scrap, leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process.

Upgraded Accumulator

Safety, capacity, and reliability are paramount in any manufacturing process. Our upgraded accumulator not only enhances safety measures but also increases capacity and ensures reliable splicing. This optimisation minimises downtime, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined production process.

Edge Trim Removal

To improve guiding and downstream rewinding of bulk production, we implemented an edge trim removal system. This addition enhances the overall control and precision of the manufacturing process, further reducing the likelihood of defects and, consequently, minimising scrap.


At Swallow Machinery, our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing core engineering solutions. We've identified and addressed key challenges through our partnership with flooring manufacturers, implementing advanced process improvement strategies. The result is a seamless and efficient manufacturing process that significantly reduces scrap, improves product quality, and ultimately enhances the competitiveness of our partners in the flooring industry.

Learn more about how we work with flooring manufacturers or head back to our blog to explore more news and inspiration within the industry.