Web Guiding Systems

Micro 4000®

  • A single, compact IP66 enclosure designed to dissipate heat, even for the largest linear actuator and load applied
  • Industrial, sealed membrane function switch assembly with LED indicators for ease of use
  • Controller provides digital signal processing in a central location for up to four web guide locations
  • Controls ultrasonic sensors with dynamic compensation
  • Senses web edges of most materials, including paper, film, foil, metals and non-wovens
  • Automatically stabilizes the guide point for variations in temperature, humidity, air turbulence or any other process contamination
  • Uses wide gap edge detectors without passline variation even in hostile applications
  • Controls linear actuators from 150 to 60,000 lbs. thrust
  • High performance PWM motor control provides quicker response and improved web guiding accuracy
  • RS-232 port accepts adjustment downloads for end-of-travel, servo-center and even manual actuator speed
  • Designed to UL, CUL, CE and FCC International codes
  • AccuWeb's MICRO 4000® ultrasonic edge detection system delivers digital precision no analog system can match. Its multitasking controller can simultaneously handle up to four edge guide locations. The MICRO 4000 senses ultrasonically. This means you can accurately detect an extremely wide range of materials, including troublesome transparent films. The sensing medium is ultra high-frequency sound waves rather than light, so the MICRO 4000 won't fog unexposed photographic or x-ray films.

    The MICRO 4000 has dynamic compensation. It automatically compensates for an unfriendly environment by using two sets of sensors on the edge detector. The first set detects the web, while the second set compensates for environmental variables that can affect web stability. The end result is that the MICRO 4000 provides digital accuracy, with quicker response, combined with long-term reliability for less down time.MICRO 4000 users enjoy the benefits of digital technology, ultrasonic sensing and compensation. The MICRO 4000 system provides accurate, drift-free guiding, even in the harshest environments. You can set it and forget it - no further tuning is required!