AccuBeam® II

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Product Intro:

The AccuBeam II can recognize and guide solid and intermittent color lines, edges and print patterns throughout the color spectrum. It is the result of combining three unique optoelectronic technologies in one compact, hardcoat anodized housing.

For the first time, an operator can see the reflected line, edge or pattern characteristics by monitoring the high-resolution, two-line back lit display. Maximum contrast can be achieved on matte, glossy or even holographic backgrounds by selecting from three built-in reflective incidence angles and four LED colors.

Product Description:

AccuBeam II features include

  • Four selectable ultra-high intensity LED light sources for optimal color contrast - Red, Blue, Green or Infrared
  • Three selectable projection ports to obtain the best light incidence angle for web characteristics (i.e. matte, glossy or holographic)
  • Self-contained unit includes sensor, four color light sources, three independent light source positions, operator interface controls and LCD display in a compact, aluminum hardcoat anodized housing
  • 128 Pixel CMOS linear array sensor resolves lines to 0.005" wide
  • Fast 20 MHz microcontroller performs frame-by-frame analysis of image captured on array sensor
  • Able to locate lines, edges or print patterns - even when surrounded by nearby graphics, registration marks or other features
  • Non-volatile memory retains set-up information if power is lost
  • Full spectrum ultra-high intensity: LED light sources provide maximum contrast on the widest variety of web materials and ink colors
  • LED peak emission wavelengths are: 468 nm (nanometers) - Blue; 525 nm - Green; 660 nm - Red; and 940 nm - Infrared
  • LEDs have a lifetime exceeding 100,000 hours
  • No need to adjust the tilt of the unit to match reflection characteristics of the web materialDesigned to UL, CUL, CE and FCC International codes
  • Angled lens sight-line reduces interference from ambient lighting
  • Operator interface includes high resolution, two-line, 16 character back lit display and three-button sealed membrane switch pad
  • Simple menus provide access to all parameters
  • Back lit display provides visibility in low light conditions
  • Proprietary high-speed RS-485 serial interface for compatibility with Micro 1000™ or Micro 4000® NET web guide controllers
  • Power supplied by web guide controller through serial cable (7VDC, 0.1A)
  • Field of view: 0.625 inches
  • Focal distance: 1.000 inches


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