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AccuWeb's patented compensated ultrasonic edge detection systems are used worldwide and are known for their quality, durability and trouble-free operation. The company enjoys a reputation for producing state-of-the-art equipment for guiding a wide variety of webs including clear film, aluminum, holograms and non-wovens. Always innovative, AccuWeb leads the web guide industry in the use of digital electronics to ensure high reliability and unsurpassed performance.

As web guide specialists, AccuWeb tailors a complete web guide system around the type of linear actuator and edge detector your particular application requires.


AccuWeb, Inc. is best known for pioneering the compensated ultrasonic edge detection system. This technology was patented in 1988 and has been improved and refined over the years.

Compensated ultrasonic detection is a process in which the detection signal is monitored by a micro-controller that automatically compensates the guide point for changes in process contaminates, temperature, humidity and air turbulence. Detection systems are also available for hazardous locations and temperatures up to 500ºF using this technology. Infrared optical detection is used for vacuum applications and porous materials that are less than 10% acoustically opaque.

Major Products

  • Micro 1000® compensated ultrasonic edge detection system. Primarily for narrow web applications and unwind/winder applications up to 2,500 lbs. total weight on low coefficient of friction linear bearings. Linear actuators are available with up to 750 lbs. of thrust.
  • Micro 4000® compensated ultrasonic edge detection system. May be used for narrow or wide webs and larger unwind/winder applications up to 40,000-lbs. total weight on low coefficient of friction linear bearings. Linear actuators are available with up to 14,000 lbs. of thrust. Custom designed actuators are available with up to 60,000-lbs. thrust.
  • Micro 4000® Net compensated ultrasonic edge detection system. Our newest product features a multi-field bus protocol network interface compatible with Device Net™ and other industrial networks. This product line adds network control to all Micro 4000 applications.
  • AccuBeam® II digital line/edge detection system. Uses latest LED and sensor technology. It features automatic calibration with virtually all web materials. Maximizes line contrast by automatically selecting ideal light, color and angle. Detector is compatible with Micro 1000 and Micro 4000 Net systems.
  • Compensated ultrasonic array edge detection system. This new patented edge detector allows up to 12.0 inches of guide point adjustment in single detector applications, up to 24.0 inches of web width change in dual detector centerline guide point applications without physically moving the detectors. The array edge detector is ideal for applications with web width variations and neck down situations in non-wovens, films, textiles and rubber. Other smaller arrays are available.


AccuWeb's corporate headquarters and central manufacturing facility is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The new 30,000 square foot plant was designed for manufacturing digital electronic assemblies. Web guide frames with roll face width up to 240 inches are assembled in the facility. Custom-made guide frames using stainless steel, nickel plating and special roll coatings can be designed to meet customer requirements. CAD capabilities enable fast turnaround for large, complex projects. Access to CNC machine tools and state-of-the-art heat and surface treatment equipment qualify AccuWeb as a world class manufacturer.

International sales and application centers are located in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Holland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan, United Kingdom (England) and Venezuela.