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RKB are focused on optimizing your paper, film, foil and allied web based materials quality and efficiency. Their unique offering includes complete machine vision inspection and control solutions from hole detection to full sheet imaging and data mining capabilities for all web based material processes. Their process optimization packages provide versatile solutions with state-of-the-art technology for all customer needs. RKB’s expertise in machine vision dates back more than 50 years when they first pioneered online inspection of paper for holes and have delivered more inspection solutions worldwide than any other supplier.

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1032 Model 1032
This splice detection technologies proven
performance reduces costs, downtime and ensures product quality. This unit provides ultra-alert sentinel response in any web situation calling for immediate notification of a splice, tear-out, foldover or web break in all forms on non-metallic web fed processes.
1032B Model 1032B
This splice detector technology method of splice, missing ply, break detection. The 1032B sentinel service in any web situation
immediate notification of a splice non-metallic web material.
1108 Model 1108
Our Register Control WIS ensures material
registration, can detect any bug or keymark,
improves delivered quality, reduces cost, and helps you achieve reliable high speed operations.
1280 Model 1280
Positively mark defects with our Multicolor Spray Marking System. Incorporate our spray marking technology to accomplish automatic control as part of a complete inspection solution that tracks web edge motion, Pinpoint location of defect faults, and improves your productivity.
2060 Model 2060
Expand your inspection capabilities with our
Infrared Phototransistor Flaw Detection Technology. Fully qualify your products, add analysis and reporting, and most importantly, improve your productivity. Costs’ starting at USD 45,000.00 this is RKB’s most cost effective flaw detector worldwide.
2084 Model 2084
Choose cost effective hole detection with our
Ultraviolet Hole Detection Technology. Improve profitability, fully qualify your product, and add analysis and reporting. Costs starting at USD 30,000.00 this is RKB’s most cost effective hole detector worldwide.
9000 Model 9000
The Model 9000 MMFC imager technology was developed for the emerging markets of magnetic media and fuel cell technologies to combat very subtle defect anomalies. This technology maximizes profitability of your magnetic media and fuel cell production operations by providing immediate notification of defects that can be quickly corrected reducing waste