Swallow Machinery Ltd

Vent Hole Punches

For venting purposes and elimination of slugs in bag

Butterfly Type

Popular for venting bags without dealing with slugs in bag or on your floor.

BTFY-14 1/4" diameter
BTFY-38 3/8" diameter
BTFY-716 7/16" diameter
BTFY-12 1/2" diameter
BTFY-916 9/16" diameter
BTFY-58 5/8" diameter
BTFY-34 3/4" diameter
BTFY-1 1" diameter

Cross Vent Type

Cross design makes a very strong punch for tough films. No slugs to tear or end up in your customers product.

PPC-18 1/8" diameter
PPC-14 1/4" diameter
PPC-38 3/8" diameter
PPC-716 7/16" diameter
PPC-12 1/2" diameter