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In the past, wiring for multiple web guides consisted of using long, multi-conductor cables to connect the edge detector and linear actuators to the web guide control enclosure. Installing these long cables and conduit was costly and labor intensive.

Micro 4000 NET uses distributed control technology to eliminate the installation hassles of long cable runs, expensive conduit and tedious wiring checkouts. Through the use of fieldbus communications via a small shielded cable, Micro 4000 NET can send and receive web guide commands from a customer PLC or PC. A compact Micro 4000 NET enclosure is mounted at each of the web guide locations and networked with one simple connection. This set-up uses shorter cables for edge detectors and linear actuator hook ups.

Compatible with CANopen™, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Interbus and Profibus®-DP protocols, Micro 4000 NET allows instant access to all web guide functions (static centerline, oscillation, remote guide point adjust, manual mode, servo-center and automatic) and feedback ( edge detector error, actuator position, at in or out end-of-travel limit, at servo-center and in automatic mode).

Don't need network capabilities? Then choose Micro 4000 NET in a stand-alone configuration that offers these key benefits:

Compact (10" height x 12" width x 6" depth), self contained,  IP66 rated control enclosure- no extra boxes or drives required
Compatible with Ultrasonic Array edge detectors and the Accubeam II digital line guide
Easy to use, sealed-membrane function-switch assembly with LED indicators
High performance PWM (pulsed width modulator) motor drives for quick, accurate response
Available in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous location models

Designed to CE, UL, ULc, FCC international codes

Made in U.S.A. under one or more U.S. Patents & Trademarks

AccuBeam® II digital line/edge detection system. Uses latest LED and sensor technology. It features automatic calibration with virtually all web materials. Maximizes line contrast by automatically selecting ideal light, color and angle. Detector is compatible with Micro 1000 and Micro 4000 Net systems.