Swallow Machinery Ltd

MICRO 1000®

MICRO 1000

  • Proprietary high-performance PWM DC power supply - twice the power of the previous model. Peak current rating is 10 amps.

  • Two new higher thrust linear actuators with high performance 30 VDC motors. Strokes up to +/- 6.0 inches, electronic end-of-travel and servo-center adjustment.

  • Over 30 circuit enhancements with new single-board design for long term reliability. No interconnecting wires to cause failures.

  • Compact enclosure with sealed membrane switches.

  • PLC interface and remote guide point adjustment options.

  • Thermo-based sensors placed in critical  component areas provide overload protection.

  • Designed for international codes- 
    UL, cUL, CE, FCC

Controller Unit Specifications

20 MHz high-integration microcontroller
auto-recovery after power interrupt
non-volatile memory for user-settable parameters and operating modes
on-board parameter entry and display
two edge detector inputs for centerline control
PWM motor drive (22 kHz switching frequency)
120 watts continuous output power, 30 volts at 4 amps
10 amp peak current limit
thermistor-based over-temperature protection
potentiometer input for actuators with electronically-adjustable 
end-of-travel limits
optically-isolated inhibit-input option
optically-isolated fault indicator output option
plug-in I/O board for PLC control (optically-isolated) option
IP66 enclosure design
environmentally-sealed function switches
switch-selectable input voltage: 90-123 VAC, 180-264 VAC,   
50/60 Hz, single phase

Ultrasonic Edge Detector

fully compensated for temperature, humidity, dust and most other process contaminants
ultra compact housing
not sensitive to vertical motion of flutter of web

Controller Physical Specifications

width - 12.0" (305 mm)
height - 6.00" (153 mm)
depth - 3.37" (86 mm)
locked enclosure - cam lock with double-bit insert
internal power switch
designed for worldwide safety and EMI approvals
  • AccuBeam® II digital line/edge detection system. Uses latest LED and sensor technology. It features automatic calibration with virtually all web materials. Maximizes line contrast by automatically selecting ideal light, color and angle. Detector is compatible with Micro 1000
    and Micro 4000 Net systems.